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Springboro Preschool Discovery is an early learning school for children from 2 1/2 years of age through Kindergarten.

Mary Binning - Age 4

Mary Binning - Age 4

Greetings from Mary Binning

Welcome Parents and Friends,

My favorite teacher’s name was Mrs. Disher.  I will never forget walking into her classroom for the first time and her reaching out her hand to introduce herself.  She seemed very tall and I remember her smiling down at me as we shook hands.  I have so many memories of that school year:    Dressing up for the Halloween parade, learning to hold my pencil correctly, “gum day” where we could chew gum at school. Most of all, I remember Mrs. Disher and her kind and loving spirit.  The way she would always greet us with a cheery good-morning, the way she never seemed to be in a bad mood, the way she was always ready to say, “Great job, Mary.  I love your picture.” I loved being in her classroom.  I felt safe and I felt like I mattered.  I couldn’t wait to see what book we were going to read or what science experiment we might attempt.  She was so kind and so loving and she was one of my favorite people in the whole world!

As I think about Mrs. Disher and her classroom I find myself thinking about Springboro Preschool Discovery.  When your children walk through the doors of our school it is my utmost hope that they will have those same feelings that I had as I walked into Mrs. Disher’s room.  May each of our students think of SPD as a safe, happy, and loving learning environment.  May they take confident and proud first steps in their educational journey.   I am well aware that their experiences of today can become their cherished memories of tomorrow.

Looking at our wonderful staff at SPD, I think of the many “Mrs. Dishers” I see.  Sure, their names are different but their love and kindness for their students is evident in every encouraging word--- in every language arts lesson---in every warm hug.  As you get to know our staff, I am confident that you will be impressed and amazed by them, just as I am continually. 

We are so very honored to partner with you in your child’s education.  Thank you for placing your trust in us.


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